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Font Face Examples for HTML

The following fonts will display on your browser as you see them. If your browser does not include a specific font, then your browser will use the default font (the font will display as the regular font).

Font Name HTML Example
ABLib BT <font face="ABLib BT">...</font> ABLib BT --- ABCdef123
Amazone BT <font face="Amazone BT">...</font> Amazone BT --- ABCdef123
Americana <font face="Americana">...</font> Americana --- ABCdef123
Arial <font face="Arial">...</font> Arial --- ABCdef123
Arial Black <font face="Arial Black">...</font> Arial Black --- ABCdef123
Bookman Old Style <font face="Bookman Old Style">...</font> Bookman Old Style --- ABCdef123
Broadway BT <font face="Broadway BT">...</font> Broadway BT --- ABCdef123
Brush Script MT <font face="Brush Script MT">...</font> Brush Script MT --- ABCdef123
Chicago <font face="Chicago">...</font> Chicago --- ABCdef123
Comic Sans MS <font face="Comic Sans MS">...</font> Comic Sans MS --- ABCdef123
Courier <font face="Courier">...</font> Courier --- ABCdef123
Courier New <font face="Courier New">...</font> Courier New --- ABCdef123
Helvetica <font face="Helvetica">...</font> Helvetica --- ABCdef123
Lithos Black <font face="Lithos Black">...</font> Lithos Black --- ABCdef123
Modern <font face="Modern">...</font> Modern --- ABCdef123
MS Sans Serif <font face="MS Sans Serif">...</font> MS Sans Serif --- ABCdef123
MS Serif <font face="MS Serif">...</font> MS Serif --- ABCdef123
MS-DOS CP 932 <font face="MS-DOS CP 932">...</font> MS-DOS CP 932 --- ABCdef123
New Century <font face="New Century">...</font> New Century --- ABCdef123
Park Avenue BT <font face="Park Avenue BT">...</font> Park Avenue BT --- ABCdef123
Roman <font face="Roman">...</font> Roman --- ABCdef123
Script <font face="Script">...</font> Script --- ABCdef123
Small Fonts <font face="Small Fonts">Small Fonts...</font> Small Fonts --- ABCdef123
Swiss <font face="Swiss">...</font> Swiss --- ABCdef123
Symbol <font face="Symbol">Symbol...</font> Symbol --- ABCdef123
Times Roman <font face="Times Roman">...</font> Times Roman --- ABCdef123
Times New Roman <font face="Times New Roman">...</font> Times New Roman --- ABCdef123
Wide Latin <font face="Wide Latin">...</font> Wide Latin --- ABCdef123
Wing Dings <font face="WingDings">WingDings...</font> WingDings --- ABCdef123

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